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Our Guarantee

     imply put, Diamonds In The Rough Home Inspections, guarantees that if something in your home is working at the time of the inspection it will be working when you move in. That promise is backed by Residential Warranty Service for a period of 100 days after the inspection. 

But wait...There's more 

     lso included in most inspections, at no extra cost, is my suite of warranties and guarantees: 

  •      RECALL-CHEK - alerts you to outstanding manufacturer's recalls on your appliances
  •      MOLD-SAFE - remediates mold if missed by your inspector
  •     SEWER-GARD - protection for your water and sewer line
  •     PLATINUM ROOF PROTECTION - protects you against roof leaks for 5 years
And our most INCREDIBLE guarantee yet

      y Home Inspection Association, InterNACHI, will buy back your house, at your purchase price, if I have missed something substantial in the home inspection that affects your ability to live there!

     ot many Home Inspection firms will include this kind of protection.

Backed by a residential warranty service, no less! 

Protection after the inspection!