Consumer review website Angie's List reports a national average cost of $473 for a home inspection, with a range of $375 to $550 for most inspections.


A survey by found that nationwide, most homeowners spent between $267 and $371 for an inspection


Similar to how a doctor who is a general practitioner might recommend that you visit a specialist after making a determination about your medical condition, home inspectors will recommend a specialist to a home buyer to provide insight  on any alarming finding.




Pricing for my Home Inspections falls into the Average catagory for the Twin Cities Area.


Home inspections are a small price to pay for the peace of mind that a professional inspection provides


1) Average house: up to 4500 sq ft


  • $375.00


2) Condo & Townhouses: less than 1000 sq ft


  • $325.00


3) Re-inspection


  • $75.00


4) 48 hour Radon Test


  • $150.00

Here is how pricing is broken down:

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