knowledgeable, affordable!

Thank you!


Emily C.  5/11/16

was very courteous and polite. We were very pleased with the thoroughness of the inspection and his professionalism. As we are buying our first home, we learned a lot from him and would recommend the services of this company to anybody who is in need of a home inspection.

The gentleman who did our inspection

Andrea G.  5/16/16

Jim will ready and willing to answer all questions we had, the inspection report was thorough, and I definitely appreciate the photos. Having absolutely no knowledge of radon at all, it was nice for the results to be put in layman's terms

I had an excellent experience overall​

Seng V.  4/16/16

Where all the past reviews go to die.    Gone but not forgotten! 

Jim F.      1/3/17

Everything was ex-

tremely thorough and 

very well done. You can tell very quickly that through his experience, Jim has seen it all and is very knowledgeable about the inner-workings of any home. As someone who is upgrading homes, there were a lot of things and new appliances that I do not currently have in my home and Jim not only did a great inspection, but taught me how use and maintain these appliances as well as traps to avoid. I would fully and highly recommend him to anyone. His prices are fair, you get a very quality inspection and a lot of knowledge about your prospective new home

Very Good

 job at finding issues.

Jett S.  1/7/17


Jim was

Sophat J.    12/11/16

thorough, takes the time to show And explain. Answers questions well. Communicates efficiently by text and email

Knowledgeable and

Mary K.   8/29/16

and open to answering all of our many questions. He was also able to explain things simply to me, and give more complex information to my family team of home improvers.

Jim was really friendly

Emily G.   9/13/16

many things we didn't notice even after inspecting the property twice. Very thorough and professional service. We'll definitely be using again!

The inspection found

Nick K,   8/29/16

Dalshall S.  8/16/16


I was told of all the 


 thorough, helpful

Jim H.   8/4/16

Emily E.   7/10/16

knowledgeable and eager to share his expertise, which was so nice as a first time home buyer. He was thorough, thoughtful and professional. I highly recommend Diamonds in the Rough!

Jim was very 

Services were well-explained at the beginning. Execution of the inspection was incredibly thorough, and results were well explained on-site, and in the report that followed. Jim later followed up with some information on the unusual fire prevention fixtures in the home, and checked back to make certain we'd received the appliance recall information. I have a hard time imagining how I could be more satisfied than I am with Jim's inspection services.

Services were well explained at the 

Jim F.      1/3/17

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