Do you do repairs or recommend contractors?

No. As a certified home inspector i am no longer in the contracting or construction field. My job is to identify any possible problems and give advice. However, my long experience in the building trades can give you valuable perspective on problems and defects I uncover. For example, which problems are superficial and which will cause big problems down the road.


Do you provide a warranty on your building inspections?

Yes. Diamonds In The Rough Inspections is proud to offer the 100 day Inspection guarantee free to you as a bonus for your inspection business. The guarantee is valid for 100 days from the inspection or 22 days after closing whichever comes first. 


Can you provide images?

Yes, digital photo images are included in all home inspections at no additional cost. 

Will we get a written report?

Yes. A comprehensive PDF version of the report will be available within 24 hours upon the completion of the inspection. A written inspection report is also available by email upon request.


In the event I have concerns prior to closing, can I contact the inspector?

Yes. Your Diamonds In The Rough Inspections Home Inspector can be reached by phone between 8am and 8pm, 7 days a week.

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